Replacement Slings

Patio Chair Replacement Slings, Chair Slings, Sling Fabric, Outdoor Chair Mesh, Lawn Chair Fabric

  • At we custom make a replacement slings for all kinds of patio furntiure.
  • With a few simple measurements on the frame, we can make a new sling for your chairs. No original part number required.
  • View our patio sling mesh fabrics and find a complimentary pattern or fabric color for a updated new look.
  • Order FREE SAMPLES of our patio chair mesh or lawn chair fabric and order free replacement sling samples.
  • We have detailed instuctions on how to measure for new patio furntiure replacement slings
  • Follow our basic sling measuring and installation instructions to find out how to measure and install new slings.
  • If you are looking for lawn chair fabric, or a chair insert that is made from a mesh material! Then you are in the right place

What is included with each new replacement sling, patio chair mesh order?

  • Your new replacement patio chair sling will be cut and sewn according to the measurements taken from your sling furniture.
  • Each patio chair sling, or patio chair insert fabric, will be hemmed on all 4 sides & inlcudes new sling rod or spline

UPDATE! REFRESH! RENEW Your better quality outdoor sling furniture!


Lead times are 4-6 weeks

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