Outdoor Woven Table Runners

Outdoor table runners in select outdoor woven fabrics from Revolution, Inside Out and Sunbelievable. Beautiful for both indoors and out. Add a designer look to your patio table. Looking for womething unique and different? Our custom made to order table runners are the perfect choice for a curated look.

Two layers of selected woven outdoor fabric are sewn back to back, then finished off with a top stitch.

Choose from 6 outdoor woven fabric table runners sizes to fit most outdoor dining tables.

  • 14" wide x 50" long
  • 14" wide x 60" long
  • 14" wide x 72" long
  • 18" wide x 50" long
  • 18" wide x 60" long
  • 18" wide x 72" long

Each table runner is manufactured using 2 layers of outdoro fabric of your choice. A final top stich creates a finished look.

Outdoor woven fabric table runners and placemats can be hand washed and lay flat to dry. Do not place in the dryer. Use cool iron with damp cloth if needed.

Lay flat to dry. A mild bleach solution can also be used for tough stains. Outdoor table runners are easy to store after the season is over. Just clean, dry, and roll them up. Add a rubber band to keep the table runner compact. Next season just roll it out on your patio table in the sun and in no time the table runner will return to its original shape.